Our education program works in two ways. We provide our community with strategies to reduce environmental impacts, we help strengthen the existing educational programs in some of our rural schools and finally we design and implement educational tools to be used within the schools and community.

Since 2011, we have:

  • Offered 6 courses, to more than 80 people covering topics like permaculture, waste management, ecological agriculture, bio-construction, wildlife and habitat conservation, animal welfare, and strengthening local productive activities
  • Hosted more than 70 volunteers. Their work included demonstration sessions, cooperative planning, team teaching, reflexive sessions and whole-school workshops.
  • Provided support to the rural schools in Montecristo, Bellavista, Vista de Nieves and La Tagua.
  • Designed an implemented workshops using art and sports as educational tools.
  • Developed workshops for more than 200 kids to create environmental awareness and entrepreneurship.

Tools for Environmental Education

We understand the role and importance of creative learning to develop different personal and social skills. This is why we design and implement tools that include arts and sports in educational projects. 

The Recycling House

Created by the French organization NATMARA, " LA MAISON DU TRI SELECTIF " is an educational game used to demonstrate correct separation of waste to local children. Built and decorated with the help of the kids, “The Recycling House” allows us to classify salvageable waste into 7 categories, each with a corresponding compartment inside the house. The team that separates their waste correctly the fastest, wins. The idea is that by making recycling fun we can encourage the kids to incorporate what they learn into their daily lives.

“Reduce Reuse Recycle” Puppet Show

With participation of the local school in Minca and the 5 grade students, Sonia Orozco a local music teacher, we have developed a puppet show to teach students about the importance of waste separation and recycling in a fun and interactive way. The puppets are created from scratch using natural and recycled products. The shoincorporates real scenarios from the community and promotes a theme of sustainability.

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Support to the rural schools in Minca, Bellavista, Vista de Nieves and La Tagua.
We offer support to the teachers in our rural schools, helping them to improve their teaching skills and enabling the children in our community to create a better future for themselves. Since 2010, we've hosted more than 70 volunteers. Their work included demonstration sessions, cooperative planning, team teaching, reflexive sessions on successes and challenges, and whole-school workshops.

We are currently looking to partner with national and international universities, institutes and international governments to recruit interns for this program. Please contact us for more information.