We welcome interns and volunteers in each of our programs, year-round.

With Misión Gaïa's team, you work directly within our community, providing an opportunity for an unforgettable cultural exchange experience. Each position requires a specific skill set and relevant experience; everyone who works with us shares a desire to make a positive difference.

We work with advanced undergraduates, graduate students and all others interested in academic research or hands-on internship work. This includes students, professionals (both active and retired), researchers, and individuals who are clearly focused or have specific areas of interest or expertise. Individuals are linked with programs and projects that match their goals and disciplinary backgrounds. Potential settings include natural reserves, national parks, indigenous reserves, community development organizations, women’s groups, organic farms, local small businesses, public and animal health organizations and more.

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Find more here about what Minca and the Sierra Nevada have to offer, and the adventures you can take part in when you volunteer for Misión Gaïa.

Why join our team?
Read what some of our past volunteers have to say about their experiences with Misión Gaïa.

There are lots of reasons why voluntering or interning with Misión Gaïa leads to unforgettable experiences.
  • We are a local NGO that works hand in hand with local communities. 
  • We understand local current needs to support and develop programs that help improve people´s standards of living. 
  • Every experience from our volunteers helps us to strengthen our relationships with the community. 
  • Our staff has worked and volunteered with communities and thus has helped us to build a rich solidarity adventure travel program. 
  • We are located in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Martaan environmentally unique and culturally sensitive and sacred place. 
  • The cultural exchange we offer in rural communities will help you to grow as a person. 
  • You will share your time in rural projects with friendly local people. 
  • You can choose your volunteer location between different projects, communities and ecosystems, having the opportunity to experience a worthwhile travel adventure. 
  • We want to make your experience exceptional, offering you a safe and secure volunteer experience in Colombia.