Organizational Development & Evaluations


As we are in the process of expanding our programs, we need someone who can work to secure funding and analyze the progress and trajectory of our work.

** We need someone to specialize in developing our Social Return on Investment (SROI). To read more about this position, scroll down.


The Organizatioal Development and Evaluations Intern will create strategies to analyze the current state of our projects. In order to successfully expand our impact and ensure it is both sustainable and sensitive to the needs of the community. The intern will create materials that analyze our projects' impact in order to aid with communications and fundraising.


  • Work to secure, organize and track donations

  • Develop strategies to analyze our work and impact

  • Create materials to present findings from data collection projects to various state and non-state actors

  • Evaluate project budgets

  • Propose innovative ideas and improve existing procedures regarding our programs


  • Experience in qualitative and/or quantitative research

  • Strong formal writing skills: grant writing and proposals

  • Advanced level of English comprehension

  • Motivated and able to work independently

Measuring Social Return on Investment (SROI)


In order to communicate the value and impact of our organization, it is necessary to measure the social return on investment that our projects currently operate at and have potential to operate at. Due to the small nature of the foundation, we are seeking someone outside the foundation to help us procure these measurements.


The internship can be carried out from anywhere so long as there is proper communication and checkpoints met throughout the internship. However, preference will be given to those who can complete this internship on-site in Minca.

The time frame and schedule is flexible according to availability. It is estimated to require a total of 80 hours. For a semester that lasts 16 weeks, this would be 5 hours per week.


  • Create the Social Return on Investment Ratio: a ratio showing how much social return is to be expected for each dollar invested in the project

  • Identify resources for future use: a list of resources from which the foundation can prospect to adjust the SROI as the project evolves


  • Experience in social impact projects, particularly with measuring social return on investment

  • Professional, reliable behavior with emotional intelligence

  • High functioning Spanish

  • Access to a computer and experience with Google and Microsoft Suites

  • Exposure to measuring social return on investment

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