VOLUNTEERING & Solidarity Tourism


Tourism is rapidly becoming popular and represents both a risk and an opportunity for the local community. Solidarity tourism benefits not only local economies, but also often leads to national economic benefits by helping to improve the capacity of educational, scientific and cultural institutions.

The economic benefits generated by this type of tourism tend to be more widely distributed than those arising from mass tourism.


  • Work with presential and online volunteers and interns throughout the year.

  • Engage with our community about the growing tourism industry by offering life and learning experiences.

  • Develop plans to support sustainable development.


  • Create awareness of the importance of responsible tourism through social media, local initiatives and community engagement.

  • Expand our volunteer and internship program by increasing the range of SAVE travel products and through collaboration agreements with other environmental and educational organizations.

  • Increase the number of foreigners learning Spanish to encourage and facilitate cultural exchange.


Participants in our programs are motivated to engage in travel experiences that include a close relationship with the nature, culture and people of the desired destination in a way that contributes to their knowledge or involves the improvement of the particular destination. This is the kind of tourists we, Mission Gaia, are looking for.

If you feel identified with what you are reading and would like to travel, contact us!