Sustainable Development & Environmental Education


Our current project, Minca Limpia, focuses on creating a sustainable waste management system in the community. By expanding consciousness about waste management, we are taking preventative actions to minimize the future risk that comes with an increase in tourism. We need someone to oversee the development of this project and help with our environmental education initiatives within the community.


Interns will be in charge of piloting initiatives to enhance the effectiveness of the project and expand our current waste collection methods. They will help enhance community participation and raise awareness on environmental sustainability, specifically within the context of Minca's increase in tourism.


  • Manage our waste collection points in the community: create strategies to enhance their impact and appeal

  • Create communication strategies to enhance the use of the space

  • Develop education strategies about recycling, waste management and the importance of reducing waste

  • Organize activities and workshops for children in the community to develop environmental awareness and help lead workshops with other partner organizations in the region

  • Measure, collect and analyze data on the amount, type and location of waste in the community to formulate efficient strategies for waste collection

  • Helping in our daily office responsibilities


  • Knowledge, experience and/or a demonstrated passion in sustainable social development projects

  • Strong analytical thinking

  • Advanced Spanish skills

  • Social skills

  • Flexible and capable of working with a lack of resources

  • Enjoys hands on activities and is not afraid to get dirty!

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