Veterinary & Animal Well-being


We have been working to improve the health of dogs and cats in the Sierra Nevada region (read more here), but we are currently at a standstill in the growth of our program due to the lack of an in house veterinarian. We are currently looking for someone with veterinary skills who can assist in our sterilization programs and in providing medical services to animals in the area.


The Veterinary & Animal Well-being Intern will help assist in one or all of the following areas of our animal health and well-being program: veterinary services, education and administrative duties related to our animal services projects.


  • Provide weekly consultations and other services(i.e. deworming and flea and tick treatments)
  • Perform sterilization operations during our monthly clinics in Minca and Taganga
  • Help treat emergency cases for street animals
  • Help us expand our animal care operations to new communities: securing supplies, coordinating projects and providing medical knowledge
  • Educate people on the benefits of sterilization and preventative medical care for their pets


  • Education in or experience with veterinary services - ideally someone who has spent considerable time working professionally in the field
  • Ability to be flexible and creative - capability to work with a lack of resources
  • Experience and/or interest in working to help secure materials
  • Experience in communication related to the health field, preferably related to animal welfare

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