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With our education program we educate to reduce environmental impacts and design and implement educational content to be used in communities to build a better future.



Since August 2019, thanks to the contributions of the members of the board of directors, Misión Gaia has the Alternative Education Resource Centre - CREA - in which educational activities and projects of Misión Gaia are developed. CREA is a centre for the implementation of alternative and experiential methodologies that allow promoting local learning and cultural exchange in a natural setting.


  • Empower and develop personal and social skills from an early age to train citizens to be aware of the environmental challenges the territory faces
  • Provide practical integral educational tools to the different stakeholders with active education methodologies on the pillars of sustainability in a permanent program during the year
  • Support our beneficiaries in the development of their personal and professional capacities



  • Offered 6 courses to more than 80 people; covering topics like permaculture, ecological agriculture, bio-construction and conservation habits.
  • Hosted more than 70 volunteers - their work includes demonstration sessions, cooperative planning and school workshops.
  • Provided support to rural schools in Montecristo, Bellavista, Vista de Nieves, Taganga and La Tagua.
  • Designed and implemented workshops using art and sports as educational tools.
  • Developed workshops for more than 320 kids to create environmental awareness and entrepreneurship
  • We are launching an experiential education center for young children and adults for the development of socio-cultural and environmental skills.
  • Launch of the CREA centre


We are currently looking for interns to support our Sustainable Development and Environmental Education projects.

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