online Animal health



We have been working to improve the health of dogs and cats in the Sierra Nevada region since 2011. Now we are currently at a standstill in the growth of our program due to the lack of an in-house veterinarian and enough funding. We are currently looking for funding to be able to have a permanent team for this project and its sustainability, in order to increase the impact in the communities with which we work.


For this program during the Covid-19 crisis we only offer online volunteer involvement. The Veterinary & Animal Well-being volunteer during 2021 - 2022 will help assist in the following areas of our program: creating educational materials for animal care and welfare and proposal writing and fundraising duties. Our goal is to be able to have a mobile clinic by 2023 - 2024 that allows us to spay and neuter animals in all the communities around the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta as well as having financial fluency to cover costs involved in the operations.


Of legal age, Internet connection and compatibility with GMT-5 time zone

1-3 + years of experience. Professional / student, good public relations, love of animals


Minimum 2 months


Flexible schedule, an average of 10 hours per week, plus planning meetings, follow-up or trainings


  • Develop fundraising strategies for financial support or in kind donations (that could include human resources)

  • Find potential donors for the project

  • Support in proposal writing

  • Design educational and digital materials for animal health, responsible care of animals, benefits and importance of sterilization campaigns


  • Research and strong writing abilities

  • Education in or experience with veterinary services - ideally someone who has spent considerable time working professionally in the field and knows about mobile spay and neuter clinics

  • Ability to be flexible and creative - capability to work with a lack of resources

  • Experience in communication related to the health field, preferably related to animal welfare