Animal Health & Well-being

Since 2011, MisiĆ³n Gaia has been involved in a number of projects aimed at increasing the quality of life for animals suffering on the streets. These include efforts to help reduce illness, provide low-cost sterilization clinics and educate the community about the responsible care of pets.


Was a success! We were able to give medical attention to more than 270 animals . If you are interested in donating, please go to our Fundraising Campaign. Even a small donation can make a big difference!


  • Low-cost or free sterilizations and health clinics for dogs and cats in Minca and Taganga
  • Educational campaigns for the responsible care of domestic animals
  • Campaigns to increase the health and well-being of stray animals
  • Veterinary services; including deworming, flea and tick treatments, medical examinations, as well as pre-treatment for spay and neuter
  • The availability of clinics at a low or subsidized cost for stray animals


Increasing our impact

We work hard to make sterilization a possibility for all animals regardless of their situation. In just one year of administering sterilizations in Minca and the surrounding areas, we can prevent at least 1,060 new births. We continue to improve our infrastructure and facilities each and every day to increase our positive impact in the communities that we support.


We are currently looking for a veterinarian who wants to support our team! If you have experience, are open for a unique challenge and want to help make a real impact in the lives of the local animals, please send us your resume!


We are always looking for volunteers to participate in our projects. Check out our Volunteer page and make a difference in the lives of the cats and dogs in the area of Minca. Contact us!