Online education



Since the beginning of the COVID-19 Pandemic, schools and rural schools in Colombia and especially those in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta have been closed, some of them have been operating in a non-face-to-face way and with alternation. This imposed system is not adapted to the real needs of children and young people, who do not have access to the Internet and who hardly find support in their families to do homework or meet the school's curricular objectives. We created this volunteer opportunity for children and young people to connect with volunteer tutors in virtual spaces to solve their doubts and reinforce issues that are not clear.


Volunteer tutors work individually or in small groups online, under the guidance and supervision of volunteer coordinators. Topics include homework preparation with a focus on areas to meet high school goals, English language practice (ESL), basic literacy, and science such as: math, physics, or chemistry. The average commitment is 5-10 hours per week for a minimum of four months. Currently tutoring is only available online for students and volunteer tutors to safely interact with each other. We hope to return to face-to-face consultancies very soon, respecting the biosafety regulations in force.


Of legal age, Internet connection and compatibility with GMT-5 time zone. Verification of judicial records.

Orientation or training and a little experience in education or educational support for children and young people. Minimum of a high school diploma or equivalent.


Minimum 2 months


Flexible schedule, an average of 10 hours per week, plus planning meetings, follow-up or trainings


  • Extracurricular support to children and young people from rural schools for the development of tasks or school strengthening.

  • Identify specific needs of the student (s), design a plan to develop educational content and carry out activities. Support the design and implementation of educational materials and tools for learning that include games and interactive activities to facilitate learning and motivate beneficiaries.

  • Promote and develop a children's reading club


Proficient in tutoring, literacy, or reading in the following areas:

  • Basic math / science instruction.

  • English as a Second Language (ESL).

  • Education for adults or children according to the defined activity or project.


Proficient in communication platforms, Office programs, and programs or applications for making interactive presentations and online classes.