• We are a local NGO that works hand-in-hand with local communities
  • We understand the local needs of the community; enabling us to best support and develop programs that help improve people's standards of living
  • Every experience from our volunteers helps us to strengthen our relationships with the community
  • We are located in the “Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta,” an environmentally unique and culturally sensitive and sacred place, with many wonderful hikes, waterfalls and farms nearby to explore
  • The cultural exchange we offer will help you to grow as a person and you will share your time with friendly, local people
  • We strive to make your experience exceptional, offering you a safe and secure volunteer experience in Colombia

Volunteering with us is a great opportunity to work on a variety of projects while also getting to know a magical part of the Sierra Nevada. Days and tasks are never dull; each week brings new events/projects and oftentimes some surprises. As volunteers stay with us on a shorter term basis, they help out here and there in all of our projects. Tasks often range from week to week.


Read what some of our past volunteers have to say about their experiences with Misión Gaia.


Volunteers help out in one or all of the following areas:


  • Between 3 weeks to 1 year, depending on the program


  • Volunteers generally work 6 hours a day in either a morning or afternoon shift
  • There are 2 free days per week for volunteers to enjoy the many activities in the area
  • Work hours are flexible and often volunteers choose to work longer hours than the minimum commitment


We have a volunteer house that you can choose to stay in. Unfortunately, as we are a small organization, you have to cover your living and food costs. However, the longer you choose to stay the more subsidized the costs for housing area.


As a non-profit organization, Misión Gaia is funded in large part by volunteer fees. Your fee is actually a contribution that covers a wide variety of costs that are necessary to successfully run each volunteer program, from the preparation, training, housing and transportation to the project of volunteer program participants and the support and development of the program. Together, your volunteer fees fund the foundation for a fully supported community development, service-learning experience.

To apply or get more information contact us!