We are looking for interns 

with different profiles, year-round.

At Misión Gaia, you work directly within the community, providing an opportunity for an unforgettable cultural exchange experience. Each position requires a specific skill set and relevant experience, but everyone who works with us shares a desire to make a positive difference.

We work with advanced undergraduates, graduate students and all others interested in academic research or hands-on internship work. This includes students, professionals (both active and retired), researchers and individuals who are clearly focused or have specific areas of interest or expertise. Individuals are linked with programs and projects that match their goals and disciplinary backgrounds. Potential settings include natural reserves, national parks, indigenous reserves, community development organizations, women’s groups, organic farms, local small businesses, public and animal health organizations and more.


Internships must last a minimum of 3 months and we accept positions on a rolling basis. 


Unfortunately, as we are a small organization, we cannot provide paid positions. All interns must cover their own transportation to Minca and their own expenses while in the community. However, we do offer housing and can provide subsidized costs depending on the length of one's stay. 

Interns help out in one or all of the following areas:

To apply or get more information, contact us!