We offer Spanish classes for foreigners, in which we promote language learning through the use of practical and contextualized tools with active methodologies that include games, music and body language. In this way, trust is generated and a more pleasant experience is provided when traveling or interacting with people who speak another language. 

We are developing a plan to teach English and French as a foreign language to people in the community. The contents will focus on tourism management, as it is the second most important economic sector in the region. It seeks to promote communication skills in the miners for a more sustainable tourism development. 



We offer activities in which music is used as a tool to learn about Caribbean culture and develop body expression, while developing social skills, sharing in a group and practicing different languages: Spanish, English and French. 


We offer Colombian cooking classes in which recipes are presented in the local culture, the history of some recipes, local ingredients and useful preparation tips are discussed in a pleasant and natural environment. 


We hold movie nights, in which films of different genres and languages (initially, Spanish, French and English) are presented. On movie nights we offer food and drinks, for visitors to eat and share with people from different countries. 

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