Fair- Trade

Mission Gaia promotes the commercialization of organic and natural quality products, prepared by local producers in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. We want to inform visitors about their true power of change and raise awareness about fair and local trade as an ecological and economic alternative.


  • Collaborate with local producers and connect them with residents of Minca, local visitors and foreigners
  • Manage a small shop that provides local, natural and organic products
  • Raise awareness among visitors about how they support our different programs of sustainable development and education, but also the local economy by shopping with us


  • Local producers to compete with the bigger industries
  • There is a large amount of small producers in the region; covering almost all needs from food to garmets
  • As natural resources are growing scarce, it is important to raise awareness about the benefits of environmentally friendly behavior and consumption habits
  • Adopting a more natural lifestyle is more than a trend but a real sustainable act: consuming organic and natural products encourages the alternative economy and helps preserve the planet


  • Help develop the local economy by collaborating with more producers of Minca and other villages of the Sierra Nevada of Santa Marta
  • Inform visitors about the importance of buying local and organic products