Fundación Misión Gaia aims to increase the welfare of rural communities and preserve the nature of Sierra Nevada in Santa Marta. 

With its socio-environmental programs Misión Gaia promote social development and sustainability while decreasing poverty and domestic violent relationship. 



work with us

We are looking for  committed and enthusiastic teachers to join our team. The professionals will be responsible for promoting teaching spaces for learning English as a foreign language, teaching arts, enrteprenourship, primary and environmental education to meet the pedagogical objectives established in two rural schools and some of their campuses located in Minca, Santa Marta.

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Volunteering changes lives: inspires, teaches, unites. It is an opportunity for personal and social transformation. Eduardo Galeano used to say "many small people, in small places, doing small things, can change the world."

If you have not yet been a volunteer, we invite you to join a cause that moves your heart to leave a mark. There are many opportunities to volunteer. Do you want to be a volunteer in our organization? contact us . We are currently recruiting interns to work on environment, education and animal health in 2023. Please send us your application or contact us to learn about our placements available.

Education for change and innovation

We develop cross-cutting projects that involve communication, technology, agroecology, English, art, and vocational aspects in two rural schools in the township of Minca. We work to promote soft skills, increase the academic level, as well as risk prevention in children, young people and adolescents. We also motivate and work jointly with teachers and administrators, we cooperate with other NGOs in the area, community boards and institutional entities, reaching more than 350 direct beneficiaries. Read more about the project here  and visit the blog of the students and the institutions 

Misión Gaia seeks allies to promote the health and well-being of animals in the Colombian Caribbean. We have spayed and neutered to date more than 2,200 dogs and cats in the Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta.

Join our cause to give a better life to  stray cats & dogs by donating here or participating as a volunteer.

Change Making Tours

This was a project supported by the No Borders and Brújula Intercultural associations and it was sponsored by the European community from 2019 until 2022. Unique travel experiences were designed under this project, combining responsible tourism and change actions. It was fully organized and run by NGOs and local providers. These are cultural awareness and solidarity trips, whose purpose is to offer a learning experience through social interaction with communities, while directly supporting their sustainable development. Also under the project, 5 volunteers (2 from Colombia to Europe and 3 Europeans to Colombia) mobilized, sharing life and learning experiences.

Up a winding dirt road, thirty minutes from the Caribbean coast of Colombia, the town of Minca lies nestled in the mountains of the Sierra Nevada. It's our home, our workplace and our playground. Together with our community partners, environmental groups and volunteers from around the world, we are creating a brighter future for Minca and the region that surrounds it.


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