Thanks for wanting to learn more about what are we doing in la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta and current actions towards sustainable development in Colombia. Here you will find updated information about our organization, you can read our blog posts, newsletters, volunteer positions, job opportunities, and events.

Spay and neuter in Taganga & MINCA july 2021

Misión Gaia partnered with Entropika to develop the next Spay and neuter clinic in Taganga.

Support our next animal clinic in Taganga by donating here, participating as a volunteer or sponsoring operations of stray animals.

Learn more about our animal health and welfare program


IN 2021 MANGO JAM IS BACK! RESILIENCE, NEW COMMUNITIES, INNOVATION, ZERO WASTE. BECAUSE MANGOES ROCK, LET'S JAM! We are looking for partners to expand to new communities, develop workshops & production labs for innovation in la Sierra Nevada de Santa Marta. Contact us for more information.

innovación en voluntariado - "enlazando"

Misión Gaia was selected on this call. "EnLAzando" is a project of the International Fund for Volunteering, financed by the French Ministry of Europe and Foreign Affairs. It includes activities aimed at strengthening and articulating organizations that mobilize volunteers to promote social commitment and promote collaboration ties and cooperation between different actors and France. Learn more here.