Mango Jam

The Mango Jam began in 2014 as an initiative of Intermundos a local NGO. It is defined as an innovation laboratory to take advantage of the abundance of the mango, by transforming it into non-perishable products, generating a source of income for the women of the communities where the project is developed. The project is developed annually during the mango harvest, covering socioeconomic problems in the Minca - Palomino - Guachaca - Don Diego - Santa Rita de la Sierra circuit, areas of great biological and cultural importance that were seriously affected by violence during the nineties and two thousand.  

Identifying the challenges that each project cycle brings with it and the limitations to increase its impact, a strategy has been defined for 2019 to strengthen the skills and knowledge previously acquired, both at the productive and administrative levels, with the ability to transform the fruit and entrepreneurial actions involving self-management and marketing, motivating local actors in each community to buy and consume the products made within the Mango Jam.  

Goals 2019 

To standardize the production processes of mango pulp and others elaborated in the Mango Jam, to homogenize the production regardless of the place where the fruit is processed and to maintain the quality of the product.

Produce mango pulp in Minca, Palomino and Guachaca, involving interested people who have participated in previous years and who have kitchens available and suitable for production.

To design strategies and create alliances for the long-term financing of the project, including the marketing and commercialization of the final processed products, so that they benefit economically the people involved in the project, and thus promote the circular economy by integrating local businesses and positioning the Mango Jam brand at the regional level. 

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